Who We Are?

We are a real estate company redefining the standard of living through innovative housing solutions. With decades of experience and local knowledge, our realtors can assist with building your dream home. We only give you the best so you can have the best home for your family. Your satisfaction is our goal. Ask us today!

About our History

The team at VHPL sport immense experience in understanding customer needs and also enriching lifestyles. We have what best suits your needs, whether it is the best plots for your new home or business venture, VHPL can direct you to the best available plot/project. We know that price can be barrier so that’s why we look at plots that not only offer a quality foundation for a building structure but are also affordable. We have a history in sourcing out plots with different extents for all budgets and helping buyers choose an area to their satisfaction.

Featured Projects

All our residential layouts are approved by Vuda. We give quality and outstanding plots to our clients with the best services.

About Our Land

We are locals who take pride in developing ventures that are suitable for commercial and residential purposes. You will be rest assured that our land is appropriately registered and fulfills all legal requirements. Depending on your needs, we can suggest the best housing/property/plots for you and start your journey to your beautiful home. It’s easy when you have experts on your side.

Why Choose us

We care about your hopes and dreams.
We will find land that is most suited to your needs.


With decades of knowledge & expertise, we can give you quality advice on realty in Visakhapatnam. We will listen to your individual requirements and tailor a housing solution to fulfill your needs.


Our mission is to provide quality housing solutions at affordable prices for buyers of all price ranges. We are committed to this mission and will ensure your concerns and requirements are met.


Our realtors are always looking for innovative solutions to housing so that our buyers are satisfied. It can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for but with our innovative approach, you will receive a tailored made solution – just for you.

Where do you want to build your home? Tell us the location and we will find something for you. Maybe you’re looking to start a commercial venture? Vallabha is here to help. Forget your worries, let us find the land for your purpose.

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Vallabha Charitable society

VHPL does not discriminate on caste or religion and works passionately to advance all communities for a better life. Empowering every individual possible, VHPL demonstrates commitment to social responsibility and charity through the commitment in volunteering for various causes.
Check out the charity work of Vallabha, which includes Gau Seva, Annadhanam, Clothes Distribution, Festival Activities below.

Gau Seva

Cattle are taken care of at goshalas provided by Vallabha, which is of high benefits to the society, they also help maintain the religious, cultural and environmental balance


Annadanam means offering of food. It is the act of providing food for the hungry and needy. We believe that providing food for the needy is one of the greatest services one can.

Clothes Distribution

Part of the charitable activities we provide is the distribution of clothes to the poor and needy. There are a lot of clothes that we give out during different seasons of the year.


Regardless of the religion, whether Hindu, Christianity or Islam, the religious festivals are celebrated. All religions are teaching peace and calmness, and the way by which everyone.

Festival Activities

Regardless of the religion, whether Hindu, Christianity or Islam, the religious festivals are celebrated. All religions are teaching peace and calmness, and the way by which everyone.