Vallabha Charitable Society (VCS)

Vallabha Charitable Society (VCS)

Welfare Activities

Vallabha Charitable Society was established in the year 2007 with a motto to serve and help the needy. Providing help is of great importance to us, as we highly believe in making people comfortable. We have several charitable activities over the year that we render to the society.


As per Sanathana Dharma Cow is considered as a mother, she is a backbone for the welfare and better living of a human being, so here in VCS we always feel that we must protect and serve our mother. In our ashramam at Sontyam we got more than 60 cows which are completely local breeds.

Cattle are taken care of at goshala at Sontyam, which is of high benefits to the society, they also help maintain the religious, cultural and environmental balance. Vallabha is providing this service so that the society can benefit and because we believe in caring for the society.

In India, Goshala is a protective shelter. Animals have religious significance protected in goshalas. In Hinduism and other religions related to it, Seva or Selfless service is an act of rendering selfless services without any aim of getting any award for the benefit of others in the society. It is a very kind act.

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At VCS, we believe serving food or offering food to the needy is directly equal to serving or offering pooja to god.
Among all the forms of charity, Annadhanam is considered as an act of highest virtue.
Feeding the hungry and deprived, offering food to the people, to the birds and animals come under the ambit of Annadhanam. It is a gesture of compassion towards fellow living beings.
In VCS yearly we serve food to more than 75,000 to 1,00,000 people on various occasions as per our monthly schedule in Vizag and our ashramam. Daily annadhanam takes place in our ashramam we serve food to anyone who visits our ashramam during lunch and dinner time which is located at Sontyam, Vizag.

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We believe in serving people with faith , we distribute clothes to the needy on important occasions including Blankets in the winters. We distribute clothes to more than 5000 people every year at our Ashram.

As part of the charitable activities, we distribute lot of clothes to the poor and needy. There are some people who cannot afford to buy the clothes required in different seasons. Due to this we consider it necessary to provide blanckets & bedsheets to protect from harsh sessions. There are also poor people who do not have suitable befitting clothes, we make sure they have good dresses on. We give out enough clothes through out the year.


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Religious Celebrations

Regardless of the religion, whether Hindu, Christianity or Islam, the religious festivals are celebrated. All religions are teaching peace and calmness, and the way by which everyone in the society can live this way is to embrace each other, that is why we have not discriminated any religion, we make sure all the religious festivals are celebrated on large scale.

We bring people that are left out together to give them the happiness they need. We make sure to give them proper clothing and arrange for their transportation to get them back to their destinations safely. Starting from the Hindu New Year, into the month of Ramadan and finally to the eve of Christmas we follow and celebrate the spirituality throughout.

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